Removing Hazardous Leftovers

We arrange for the safe disposal of hazardous materials which are leftovers of a professional disassembly process.

In the currently common practice of dismantling e-waste in developing countries, the hazardous leftover materials are discarded in the environment and become very damaging to the ecosystem and to people’s health. We collect and ship the leftovers out of the developing countries and dispose of them in state-of-the-art smelters. Because of the very high costs smelters are not available in developing countries.

Sensitizing and creating awareness about e-waste matters

We are charged with the task of educating people on the dangers of improper e-waste management as well as enlightening them on the right solutions that are available to stop the crisis at hand. It is in making people understand the threat we face that they saw reasons to join us in the process of putting an end to the e-waste challenges that beset us.

Therefore, it is only through sensitising the people and training the informal handlers of e-waste on standards of operation that Nigeria can successfully tackle the issue.

Supporting New Initiatives

We encourage and give practical support to new initiatives setting up sustainable e-waste disassembly processes nationwide. We accomplish this support through our knowledge and network partners.

Setting up e-Waste criteria and requirements

We have also established and are actively managing criteria and requirements which a disassembly process has to meet in order to be considered ecologically and socially sustainable. Overall controllability through a third party is an important requisite.