TheĀ Center for Entrepreneurial Development Lagos (CEDL) is a fully registered and incorporated Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria that fosters, nurtures, and promotes innovative ideas from individuals, and small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). The Center is investing in the following areas:

  • Sustainable development of business initiatives
  • Nuture innovative startups
  • Enhancing knowledge and vocations
  • Enterprises financing and partnering
  • Capabilities and management development
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Access to new markets opportunities
  • Customer Satisfaction projects

We are energizing the society, energizing the people, energizing the environment!


What We Stand For

Knowledge they say is power, and there is no substitute to it.

Over the years, the growing problem of unemployment has left our people suffering from widespread poverty, most of our youths have taken to criminalities and other vices. This has taken a potentially dangerous dimension in recent years.

CEDL as a fully committed investor in the entrepreneurial development in Nigeria has taken a vantage point, to form partnerships with Governments – Federal, State, Local, International agencies, and Individuals, thereby continuously tapping funding, for sustainable skills acquisition, and small scale business enterprise programmes. Our suite of capability development schemes we believe will certainly help SMEs in Nigeria to grow and possibly globalize.

This perhaps could be one of surprising challenge for the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CEDL), Lagos to have a good pipeline (of promising entrepreneurs) in Future in Nigeria. So join this new revolution for an enduring collaborative business experience. This perhaps is a huge shift for the wise young men and women.

The challenges today, given our service scale, orientation, and offering, the need to have a regional, and national footprint, and develop a world class, functional and collaborative business partnering, with Individuals, Corporate Organizations, Governments – Federal, State, Local and International Agencies, is very imperative.

Thus our desire is to project the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development CEDL Lagos as Nigeria’s foremost Total Vocational Training and Empowerment Centre, and increase awareness and support base for its product portfolio, to give Nigerians, a shot at reviving their goals and talents, and hold their own anywhere in the real, but highly competitive world.

This no doubt, is a new revolution for true innovative spirit, and enduring commitment to humanity, and perhaps a huge shift for an administration that is strongly motivated by sympathy, understanding and generosity for our future generations.

We shall indeed be most delighted to have you on board in these projects for the resurgence of our old vocational training and empowerment system in the country.