CEDL Entrepreneurs Vocational School

To provide a full structured entrepreneurial learning activities for aspiring young entrepreneurs to be trained in various skills.

Internship Programme

Part of this programme will be a six months internship for students to gain hands-on experience. This is our contribution towards reviving our moribund vocational educational system in Nigeria.

CEDL Summer School

Programme is an extension of our vocational school, where teenagers are exposed to basic vocational training during their long holidays. Lets make a difference in the lives of these children.

Youth Employment Generation Scheme

CEDL Employment Summit

Provides job seekers and fresh jobbers a monthly forum to interact with experts on job related issues. The Job Summit plays an important part in galvanizing all the different groups big employers, small businesses, banks, unions, social sector organizations, local councils, training organizations and others – behind the issue of preserving jobs.

It is a valuable exercise in raising confidence and expectations, and help participants focus on other areas of possible job opportunities outside the regular white collar jobs.

CEDL Job Centre

Provides both skilled and unskilled workforce , [casual and permanent] from our pool of trained workforce.