Interested in CBN SME Training?

Interested in the CBN SME Training? We are inviting interested unemployed graduates, non-graduates, and other members of the general public with entrepreneurial skills or business ideas within the Lagos area.

This is another valuable exercise by CEDL in raising confidence and expectations, and help participants focus on other areas of possible job opportunities outside the regular white collar jobs etc

CBN SME Training

CEDL Enterprise Start-up Schemes


CEDL Entrepreneurial Capability Development Scheme – provides employment and business opportunities for graduates and non graduates who are currently unemployed, with special skills and talents that need to be properly harnessed.

CEDL Business Enterprise Rehab Scheme – targeted at failing entrepreneurs – Individuals, Groups, and Organizations, who still seem fairly resilient in business, but are finding it difficult to have a major breakthrough in your chosen business line. We can help you realize new opportunities, grow your business, and perhaps cast a ‘healing light’ on the dark parts of your past business life.

Individuals, Groups, and Organizations, who are already in business or have business ideas, but need
some grooming, and tailored solutions on how to possibly re/establish their line of business.

CEDL Entrepreneurial Discovery Scheme – is to assist Individuals, Group, and Organizations, who are interested in developing entrepreneurial skills, but have no idea of how to go about it or the right place to turn to for proper guidance, and leverages? We will give you the necessary support you have been longing for in life. We will launch you into the market of your choice, and position you to strongly contest today’s highly competitive business turf in Nigeria.

CEDL Young Entrepreneurs Scheme – our undergraduate development scheme, for innovative start-ups is designed to providing skill acquisition opportunities for local undergraduates, who are passionate about setting up their own businesses in future. We will help them develop their talents, and follow their own interest in life.

CEDL Volunteers – Calling on interested persons that wish to be volunteer resource people to forward their resume to

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