Part of these schemes, is our apprenticeship and attachments in local SMEs, to ensure participants are well-grounded in both theory and practical aspects of their chosen business, to face the challenges of modern business.

These schemes include:

Business Enterprise Promotion Investment Scheme

CEDL provides innovative and aspiring entrepreneurs with a co-investment financing option, Such people are to come up with their business plans for evaluation and possibly, funding. We analyze deals all the time and put projects in motion.

CEDL Business Enterprise Support Club [BESC]

Our Business Enterprise Support Club [BESC] is targeted at dynamic professionals who are inclined to new perspectives in business enterprise opportunities, and entrepreneurial skills. Part of the membership incentives includes free Small Scale Enterprise – SME’s tips, and tool kits, to help turn you into ‘budding entrepreneurs’ in the future.

Our goal is to build up a huge network of super dynamic professionals with impeccable entrepreneurial skills in a bind of a sort that could be harnessed in the future. A platform to build enterprise environment with networking opportunities, to help professionals in various fields to acquire entrepreneurial skills while at work, and assist to the source for funds to set up their line of business in the future.

Part of the scheme is to form a co-operative to generate a financial pool for business financing and establishment in the future.

Technical Enterprise Scheme

This is to help in funding technical based big-ticket companies through Independent investors, Government and Agency assistance and support, to create employment