CBN Small and Medium Enterprise Training

We are inviting interested unemployed graduates, non-graduates, and other members of the general public with entrepreneurial skills or business ideas within the Lagos area.

This is another valuable exercise by CEDL in raising confidence and expectations, and help participants focus on other areas of possible job opportunities outside the regular white collar jobs etc. We are committed to make a difference in the lives of our youths, and others, and help turn them into “Budding Entrepreneurs” in future.

CEDL Training

What We Do

Knowledge they say is power, and there is no substitute to it.

We aspire to be Nigeria’s foremost Total Vocational Training and Empowerment Centre, and increase awareness and support base for its product portfolio, to give Nigerians, a shot at reviving their goals and talents, and hold their own anywhere in the real, but highly competitive world.

CEDL is investing in the following areas:

Vocational TrainingVocational Training

Entrepreneurship TrainingEntrepreneurship Training

Leadership and MentorshipLeadership and Mentorship

Knowledge Workshops and TrainingKnowledge Workshops and Training